SG United . Work Campaign

The SG United Work Campaign hopes to create 25,000 jobs & assignments for the unemployed, freelancers and self-employed base in Singapore. We aim to gather 100 companies to pledge to this campaign with the hope to achieve our goal by 31 December 2021.

Through the SG United Work platform we hope to create opportunities matching companies with talents, supporting the growth of the economy and helping freelancers, self-employed and the unemployed find work.

Individuals and companies can pledge and register an account below. We will notify users as soon as the platform is ready. Meanwhile we would like to encourage companies and talents to reach out to each other through SG United Work Facebook Group.

In Support Of SG UNITED

Technology to power the restart of the economy by connecting freelancers and self-employed persons to employment opportunities during these difficult times.

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Join us on the SG United Work Facebook Group . Look out for ideas to restart your business, share your skills and talents, discover opportunities and connect with a community of like minded individuals and businesses.